Café Bateel-Dubai Mall

I am obsessed with this restaurant (I don’t think it is technically a cafe) which I discovered at Dubai Mall. As my friend and I kept getting lost, we needed nothing short of exquisite food to cure our frustration and accept defeat of our apparent lack of direction. Cafe Bateel not only offers scrumptious food but it is healthy and made with fresh ingredients. Our satisfaction was unfettered as there was no guilt for over-indulging. We smothered our faces with the yummiest low calorie food….apart from the Hazelnut Rocher desert which was so worth it!  Continue Reading →

Dubai-The move

Hey y’all! Let me begin as I’m sure all good posts begin, by quoting Babyface: ‘…it’s been a long, long time coming…But I, I know that it’s been worth the wait’!

As you can tell from the subject line, I have been rather busy uprooting once again and relocating to Dubai. Why Dubai? In all honestly, if I could afford to travel and live anywhere in the world without worrying about finances, my first two choices would be somewhere in Africa or South America. These two continents are steeped in a variety of cultures, authentic food, wildlife and incredible landscapes not to mention the opportunity to learn different languages and all kinds of dances. Asia is dressed in a similar cloak but I prefer to travel slightly off the beaten path. I have asked myself; why not just travel and live where you want to now? I don’t gel well with the idea of free living without a real thought/worry about career development and goals. Maybe there is a way of having both. I am working on it and WILL take the plunge in the future.

I chose Dubai because Continue Reading →